The following is a list of Performance Parts that you may wish to consider during the build of your TSC GT40.


8 Stack EFI system



Due to the constant problem of meeting ever lower emissions tests we are now introducing an 8 Stack electronic fuel injection system to suit the Ford Small Block V8 engine.The system has the look of the older classic Weber system with all of the advantages of a modern electronically controlled fuel injected system.Advantages include easy cold starting, better throttle response, improved fuel economy and lower emissions.The kit includes inlet manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rails, injectors, all sensors, all wiring, ECU, hand held programmer, fuel pump, fuel filter, hoses and fittings.The system is also self learning which means that mapping of the system is not required.





Ford Coyote V8 5.0 ltr engine4 Pot Performance Brake Kit



We are now in the process of developing an engine installation package for the new Ford Coyote V8 5.0 ltr engine as used in the 2011 Ford Mustang.

Parts under development include a custom alloy bellhousing, engine mountings, a full crossover exhaust system with silencers featuring internal catalytic converters and a dummy Weber engine cover.

These items will make the Coyote a simple drop in installation into the TSC GT40.

Advantages of using the Coyote engine instead of the older small block engine include :-

Light weight design featuring all Aluminium block and heads.
Emissions test compliant for IVA and all European regulations.
Modern quad cam engine design using latest technologies.
Fuel injection system as standard.
412 BHP out of the crate without any modifications.
Optional bolt on supercharger increasing power to 624 BHP.
Fly by wire throttle system.

For detailed information on the design, development and features of the V8 Coyote engine please click on the link below.


Monocoque Chassis



From the Worlds leading manufacturer of Ford GT40 replica cars comes what we believe to be the ultimate GT40 replica chassis.

After an extensive 2 years of development our new Carbon Fibre monocoque chassis is now available.

This chassis is the most technically advanced GT40 replica chassis ever manufactured and has been designed for us by an ex F1 engineer.

The concept was to retain the classic 60's styling of the original Ford GT40 and combine it with a state of the art chassis similar to those used by modern day Supercars resulting in an unbeatable combination of looks and performance.

It was designed primarily to be manufactured in Carbon Fibre resulting in the lightest, strongest, stiffest GT40 replica chassis ever manufactured.

Due to the high cost of Carbon Fibre we are now also producing a version in Aluminium at a reduced cost.

Although most of our standard parts will fit directly on to the new chassis many new light weight parts such as Aluminium rear uprights have been developed to compliment the chassis.

For full details please go to the TSC GT40 Chassis page.


Aluminium UprightsUpgrade Kit.



A bolt on kit of parts to upgrade earlier cars with forged front uprights and fabricated rear uprights to Aluminium uprights at the front and rear.

These items have been designed specifically for the Carbon Monocoque cars and are an easy bolt on upgrade for all spaceframe cars.

The kit is supplied complete and includes front uprights, stub axles, steering arms, rear uprights, brackets, studs and all required fixings.

The cost is £1840 + VAT.


Anti Roll Bar kit



These Anti Roll Bars are an upgraded version and available in two stiffnesses for road or track use.
They are adjustable for fine tuning and are a direct replacement for all earlier bars making an upgrade easy.
The cost of a complete kit including front and rear bars with all drop links, joints and fixings etc. is £350 + VAT


Rear Aluminium Uprights



These uprights are cast in LM25, heat treated and CNC machined.
They are a direct replacement for the original fabricated rear uprights and are supplied with all parts to complete the conversion making an upgrade easy.
The original bearings, stub axles, drive flanges, CV joints and drive shafts are used.
Two brake caliper brackets are available. A steel bracket to suit the original single pot calipers or an aluminium bracket to suit aluminium 4 pot calipers.
The uprights cost £1195 + VAT pair including all parts required to convert.


6 pot front brake kit



We have now introduced a new 6 pot bolt on front brake kit suitable for use with 15" wheels.
The discs are 300 mm diameter and 32 mm wide.
Calipers are 6 pot alloy each with four 28mm pistons and two 40mm pistons. Each caliper weighs just 2 kg or 4.4 lbs.
The conversion kit is supplied complete including discs, bells, calipers, pads, brackets and all fixings.

The cost is £1245 + VAT


Aluminium Radiator



A new purpose designed and manufactured Aluminium high performance Radiator.

It is a direct replacement for the original copper core radiator and weighs just 9 lbs compared to 27lbs for the copper unit.

Cost is £425 + VAT.


4 Pot Performance Brake Kit



A bolt on 4 pot Wilwood braking kit which can be easily and quickly fitted to the standard caliper mountings and hubs allowing standard brakes to be upgraded in a minimium amount of time.

Kit includes front calipers, rear calipers which incorporate a handbrake mechanism, brake pads, front and rear discs, mounting brackets, spacers and all fixings.
Cost is £1750 + VAT.


Gurney Weslake Rocker Covers



These covers are cast in aluminium and are a direct replacement for the standard Ford 302 rocker covers.
Supplied machined and ready to fit but require painting.

Cost is £250 + VAT pair


Weber Alpha injection system



The Weber Alpha Electronic Fuel Injection system is the ultimate induction system.

Controlled by an electronic ECU various sensors provide readings every 200 revolutions and the Air/Fuel mixture is automatically adjusted to provide the optimum running conditions.

Various engine maps can be stored in the ECU and called up by the use of a Lap Top, fast road, race and MOT.

The kit includes Manifold, Throttle bodies, linkage, Injectors, Fuel rails, ECU unit, Wiring harness, Fuel pump, Trigger disc and Sensors etc.


Roll cage



The TS40 chassis frame is available with an intergrated roll cage as an optional extra.
The cage is manufactured in a choice of either 1 1/2" dia. 12 gauge CDS2 tube.
The cage consists of a front hoop, rear hoop, roof section cross bar and rear diagonal braces.


Lightweight Body



The Light Weight Body option is a light weight version of the standard road car Bodyshell.The overall Laminate thickness is reduced and extra reinforcements are added in areas of high stress or where additional rigidity is required.The weight saving over the standard road car bodyshell is approximately 30%.This option is recommended for competition use only.


Single Vent Front hatch



This option replaces the standard twin nostril front hatch panel with a single vent panel as per the original GT40 Gulf racing cars.The main advantage of the single vent front hatch is improved cooling due to a much larger exit opening for the hot air from the Radiator.An added bonus is how easy a racing stripe can be applied to the hatch panel.


Gulf style rear wheel arches



The Gulf style rear wheel arches are supplied as separate mouldings which are bonded into the standard rear body section increasing the overall width by 2" per side.This allows the use of 12" wide rear wheels as per the original Gulf racing GT40's.Mouldings are also provided to flare the ends of the side sills into the new wheel arches.


Periscope Scoops



These are the rear scoops located on top of the rear body section either side of the engine top vent panel on MK2 GT40's.They can be used to supply cooling air to engine and gearbox oil coolers or just for show.Although not fitted to original MK1 GT40's some customers seem to like the look of them.


Performance shock absorbers



These are an uprated all Aluminium version of the standard road car units which result in a reduced unsprung weight.They are CNC machined from billet and the valving is adjustable in both directions.


Vented rear brake discs



The first option when looking for more stopping power.These discs are a larger diameter than standard and are also ventilated to dissipate heat.A spaced Caliper must be used with these discs.


4 Pot Aluminium brake caliper kit



These provide the ultimate in stopping power.The calipers are all Aluminium with 4 Stainless steel pistons.Each Caliper weighs just 2 1/2 lbs which reduces unsprung weight.The kit is suppiled complete with all brackets, bolts, hoses, adaptors and fixings making installation an easy process.Brake pads are available in a range of grades including road, fast road and race.This option is highly recommended for fast road and racing use.


Bias adjustable pedal box



The Bias adjustable pedal box splits the front and rear brake circuits and allows the balance of the braking between front and rear to be adjusted to suit individuals and track conditions.This option is highly recommended when fitting Aluminium 4 pot calipers


Knock on wheels



This option consists of CNC machined wheel adaptors which are attached to the standard wheel hubs by drive pins converting them into a knock on type fitting.The wheels are driven by the pins and secured to the hub by a centre lock 3 eared wheel spinner.Wheels are one piece look and available in Halibrand and BRM styles and in a range of diameters, widths and colours.This option represents the ultimate in replication.


Weber carb kit



Nothing looks better than a set of Webers when you look through the rear window of a GT40 replica.The kit includes Carbs, inlet maniflold, air horns, throttle linkage & fuel hoses.


1 3/4 Dia exhaust system



This system is required when large valved heads with larger exhaust ports like Edelbrock and SVO GT40 cylinder heads are fitted to the engine.There is little point in spending money on expensive cylinder heads with larger exhaust ports to simple block the ports with pipes that are too small.This system is a full cross over as per the original GT40 and sounds like the real thing.


6 Speed gearbox



This is a 6 speed straight cut close ratio gearbox featuring a limited slip diff.Externally it is identical to the Renault UN1 gearbox except for a small spacer on the rear cover.Torque capacity is more than double that of the standard Renault gearbox and 5th gear overhang is eliminated.The shift pattern features a double ' H '.A gear kit is also available to allow customers to convert their existing 5 speed gearboxs to 6 speed specification.Highly recommended for competition use.


Remote oil cooler



The cooler is mounted behind the lower rear body section air intake on the lefthand side and is connected via a sandwich plate between the oil filter and engine block.Provides additional cooling for the oil system.


Race seat



This is an improved version of the standard replica seat and is specifically for competition use.Features include a taller headrest for added Helmet support, higher sides for increased lateral support and holes to suit a 5 point harness.Fabrics can be Leather, Leatherette or Alcantara.


Door top blister



Known as the Gurney Bubble this can be fitted to the drivers side door top to give additional headroom clearance for a crash helmet.