2014 marks another great mile stone for Tornado Sports Cars.

Not only is it our 30th year in business as a component car manufacturer but it marks our 25th year as a GT40 replica manufacturer which is why we are the worlds leading GT40 replica company.

To celebrate our 25th year of GT40 replica manufacture we have lots of exciting developments planned for 2014.

Being in production for 25 years now the TSC GT40 has become a classic car in its own right and to celebrate that fact Kit Car magazine are running a feature article in the January 2014 issue.

We also have many new parts, options and product developments planned for launch throughout the year.

We are already looking forward to the next 30 years.



German Registration

It seems that some customers are having difficulties registering their completed TSC GT40 for use on the road in Germany.

We are now co operating with a company in Germay who are experienced in registering low volume cars for the road in Germany.

The cars must be registered for road use in England before German registration is applied for.

For further details please contact us at info@tornadosportscars.com



VOSA Engine Dating

Tornado Sports Cars have now been approved by VOSA to issue engine dating certificates which are required for the IVA test.

If your car is with us for an IVA test the certificate can be issued at the same time pre test.




Low Volume Approval

Tornado Sports Cars have now been awarded a Low Volume approval manufacturers status by VOSA.

This enables Tornado to manufacture a maximum of 300 turn key cars per year for sale direct to customers.

These cars will all be powered by the new 2011 Ford Coyote quad cam engine which features Euro V emissions as standard.

These cars will be of particular interest to cutomers in central Europe due to the low emission levels which are required there.







We have now introduced a replica of the MK11 GT40 which is the car that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Le Mans in 1966.

MKII specific items that are now available from Tornado include the following.

Rear body section
Periscope vents
Engine cover vent
Rear grille set
Rear tail light set
Rear spoiler
Front single vent hatch
Front hatch splitter
Front hatch hinges
Front body section wing humps

All of the above items can be used to build an authentic looking replica of the famous Le Mans winning cars from 1966.

These parts can also be used to convert an existing MK1 GT40 replica into a MKII.



Congratulations to Scott Calabro and his Tornado TSC GT40 for winning a best of
show award at a local car show in the USA.




Xbox are about to release their latest driving game which is called Forza Motorsport 4 on October 14th 2011.

As part of the build up to the release of the game Xbox will be building a Tornado GT40 replica live in the Westfield shopping Centre located in West London UK over a 5 day period begining on October 9th.

There is a dedicated Xbox web site now online at


Pictures and videos of the build will be posted each day and there is also a chance to win the completed Tornado GT40 in a prize draw at the end of the week.

Over the 5 day period there will be a voting system for which parts you think should be fitted to the car and voting results in automatic entry to the prize draw at the end of the week for your chance to win.

Items that will be voted on are :-

4 or 6 pot Willwood brakes

Steel or alloy shock absorbers

Black or White graphics and stripes

15" or 17" wheels and tyres

Twin or Single vent front hatch panel

There will also be a live web cam covering the build up as it progresses.

The fact that this Tornado GT40 is being built Live in a shopping centre with the general public watching in only 5 days illustrates how comprehensive and easy our component packages are to assemble.



Monocoque Chassis

From the Worlds leading manufacturer of Ford GT40 replica cars comes what we believe to be the ultimate GT40 replica chassis.

After an extensive 2 years of development our new Carbon Fibre monocoque chassis is now available.

This chassis is the most technically advanced GT40 replica chassis ever manufactured and has been designed for us by an ex F1 engineer.

The concept was to retain the classic 60's styling of the original Ford GT40 and combine it with a state of the art chassis similar to those used by modern day Supercars resulting in an unbeatable combination of looks and performance.

It was designed primarily to be manufactured in Carbon Fibre resulting in the lightest, strongest, stiffest GT40 replica chassis ever manufactured.

Due to the high cost of Carbon Fibre we are now also producing a version in Aluminium at a reduced cost.

Although most of our standard parts will fit directly on to the new chassis many new light weight parts such as Aluminium rear uprights have been developed to compliment the chassis.

For full details please go to the TSC GT40 Chassis page.





We have now expanded into another additional unit half of which we are using as a fully equiped CNC machine shop.

The additional spare space is giving us spare capacity to offer a wide range of additional services.

We are aiming to cater for every single need of anyone building, owning or using a GT40 replica.

We are offering a build service for all makes of GT40 replica. This includes full builds, individual jobs and completion from any stage.

We have a full body fitting and gapping service available along with paint preparation and paint finish. We now have our own fully equiped paint extraction booth for this.

We can also apply stripes and graphics to customers exact requirements.

We are offering all upgrades to completed cars including roll cages, suspension, brakes, exhaust systems, gearboxs, engine work, engine lowering, rod gear linkages etc.

IVA preperation including completion of paperwork, pre IVA inspection, IVA testing and any rectification work required for a final pass. Take the hassle out of getting your car IVA'd.

Repair work including body work, chassis and all accident repairs. We are also a fully approved insurance repairer.
Race preparation, tuning and sevicing.

2009 marks our 20th year in the GT40 replica business and with our new expansion plans completed we aim to make it the best year yet.



Carbon Fibre Monocoque update

All design work is now completed and the pre production chassis are now being built.

Due to the high cost of Carbon Fibre we will also be producing a version of the Monocoque manufactured in Aluminium at a much lower price.

This version of the Monocoque will be approx 1/3rd the weight of other Aluminium Monocoques currently available on the market.

We are also working on a new cast alloy rear upright for use on the Monocoque which is also a bolt on replacement for the spaceframe cars.

We did look at using original type rear uprights but these are very heavy when cast in Aluminium resulting in an increase in unsprung weight.

The original rear uprights were cast in Magnesium which is approx 1/3rd the weight of Aluminium. High costs prevent the use of Magnesium.




Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis

We have now started development of an all new carbon fibre monocoque chassis with the help of a qualified design engineer.

This is how all F1 Chassis are now manufactured and some of the more expensive road cars such as the McLaren F1.

The preliminary design work has been completed including the construction of a 1/4 scale model.

If all goes well kit packages based on this chassis will be available for sale by mid 2010.

We will be using all of the existing TSC GT40 parts with the exception of the front and rear uprights which will be cast in aluminium.

Advantages of a carbon fibre monocoque include very light weight and increased siffness without the disadvantages of corrosion problems which are normally associated with monocoques manufactured in steel or aluminium.

We are hoping to produce a finished car which would weigh only 1700 lbs or 780 kgs.

Details will be added here as the project progresses.

Alternatively please call 01562 820372 for more details.



Show room now open.....



We are now in the process of opening a new visitors showroom located opposite the main factory and workshop at unit 32.

On display will be completed cars, rolling chassis and parts.
The showroom should be completed and open by the 1st October 2004.