Weber Carbs



We are now supplying a range of Weber Down draft carb conversions to suit GT40's.
Kits are supplied complete and include Carbs, air horns, inlet manifold, linkage and fuel lines etc.
Available carbs include 48 IDF and 48 IDA.


Aluminium Front Uprights and Hubs



These are direct replacements for the standard Granada items.
The upright is cast in LM25 Aluminium.
The steering arms and brake caliper mounts are both bolt on steel items.
The stub axle is steel and bolted through the upright.
The total combined weight saving of upright and hub is 2 3/4 Kg ( 6 lbs ) per side.
Advantages include improved appearance, less unsprung weight and reduced flex.
We are also looking at the possibility of producing a replacement aluminium rear upright in the very near future.


Roll Cage



The TS40 chassis frame is available with an intergrated roll cage as an optional extra.
The cage is manufactured in a choice of either 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" dia. 12 gauge CDS2 tube.
The cage consists of a front hoop, rear hoop, roof section cross bar and rear diagonal braces.


Aluminium Front Hubs



The new Aluminium Front Hubs are now available ( Jan 05 ).

Combined with the Aluminium Front Uprights these offer a large weight saving and a reduced unsprung weight. These items are now also available as part of the suspension package we offer.


Weber Alpha injection system



The Weber Alpha Electronic Fuel Injection system is the ultimate induction system.
Controlled by an electronic ECU various sensors provide readings every 200 revolutions and the Air/Fuel mixture is automatically adjusted to provide the optimum running conditions.
Various engine maps can be stored in the ECU and called up by the use of a Lap Top, fast road, race and MOT.
The kit includes Manifold, Throttle bodies, linkage, Injectors, Fuel rails, ECU unit, Wiring harness, Fuel pump, Trigger disc and Sensors etc.


Halibrand Wheel



A new Knock on Halibrand wheel available in 7 1/2" X 15" for the front and 9 1/2" X 15" for the rear.
Wheels are supplied complete with knock on adapters, drive pins and wheel spinners. Only a grey colour are available. These wheels are identical to the original Halibrand and are of excellent quality.

A BRM version will be available soon.


BRM Wheel



Now available is a new BRM style replica wheel which is much more like the original. It is available in both bolt on and knock on versions in a range of widths and diameters and in a choice of colours.


GT40 Car Cover



A semi tailored elasticated car cover to suit the GT40. Fully washable and 100% breathable.

Manufactured in 85% viscus and 15% polyester it contains no cotton which attracts moisture and causes condensation to form.


BRM Knock On Wheel



BRM Knock On wheel available in 8" X 15" for the front and 10" X 15" for the rear. Supplied complete with Knock On adapters, drive pins and wheel spinners. Available in silver grey only.

These wheels are an exact copy of the original BRM style wheel.


Rover/Chevy Bellhousing



A cast Aluminium bellhousing which converts Rover V8 and Chevy V8 small block engines to fit the Renault 20, 21, 25 and 30 Transaxles. Supplied complete including release bearing fork and insert.


Seat Booster Cushion



A cushion covered in the style of the GT40 seat complete with brass rings and available in a range of thicknesses and a choice of leatherette or leather. Ideal when two drivers of different heights are to drive the same car without having to move the seat or loose headroom due to seat runners. A 3” thick cushion in leather


Fuel Filler Cap



We are now supplying a new high quality fuel filler cap. The cap is manufactured using investment quality castings as opposed to the sand castings used on earlier caps. The cap lid is mirror polished and optically flat. Caps are supplied fully assembled and incorporate a breather.


One Piece Look Wheel



We are now supplying a new one piece look wheel. These wheels are three piece in construction but the perimeter bolts are installed from the inside face of the rim and are not visible from the front face. The wheels are available in Halibrand and BRM styles in both bolt on and knock on and in a range of widths and colours.


15" Diameter Tyres

We are once again able to supply road legal tyres to suit 15" diameter wheel rims. Recently most TS40's have been fitted with 17" rims due to tyre availability and although some customers prefer this look it is non original. For customers who are looking for the original wheel and tyre combination these tyres solve the problems.


220 MPH Speedo



The speedo offered in our standard instrumentation pack is 0 to 140 MPH and cable driven. At the request of many customers we have now introduced a 0 to 220 MPH speedo. This is an electronic unit and is supplied complete with a pick up sensor and magnets which are fitted to one of the rear driveshafts.


Alcantara Seats



In addition to Leather and Leatherette our replica seats are now also available covered in Alcantara in any available colour.
Seats can also be supplied in a combination of materials with piping colours to match or contrast overall seat colour.


Fuel Filler Cap Cover



This is a GRP fuel filler cap cover designed specifically for the SVA test. It is secured with self tappers and easily removed after the test.


Collapsible Wheel Boss



A collapsible steering wheel boss for use with the quick release steering wheel. This item is required for the SVA test.


Oval Hole Gulf Vents



Gulf style engine top and rear vents manufactured in stainless steel with mesh over the holes. The top vent features 9 holes and the rear vents have 4 holes each.