Aluminium Side Window Flap Fittings


These fittings are an Aluminium replacement for the standard items supplied with our acrylic window package.
These flap hinges are exactly the same as those used on original GT40s.
They are CNC cut in Aluminium and are supplied in a car set with all fixings.


Small Block Chevrolet Bellhousing Conversion

We have now developed a version of our Ford small block bellhousing conversion to suit the Chevrolet small block engine.
The bellhousing can be used to mate a small block Chevy V8 engine to Renault 20, 21, 25, 30 and UNI gearboxs.
The kit includes an aluminium bellhousing cast in LM25 and heat treated, gearbox input shaft, engine block dust shield, clutch release arm and all fixings.
The kit retains the standard Chevrolet flywheel, clutch cover and starter motor.

This kit has been developed in readiness for another project that we are currently developing. More news to follow soon.


351W Cross Over Exhaust System

We can now supply a cross over exhaust system to suit the small block Ford 351W engine.
Systems are available in both 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" pipe.
Supplied in bare steel as standard or in a Ceramic coated finish as an option in a range of colours including Chrome.


Gurney Weslake Rocker Covers

We have now re  introduced an improved version of our Gurney Weslake rocker covers after them not being available for a while due to production problems.
These rocker covers are a direct replacement for standard Ford covers and will fit any small block Ford cylinder head including aftermarket aluminium performance heads.
They are supplied without any holes for fillers and breathers etc so they can be added to suit the required positions and sizes.
The covers are supplied in a unpainted blasted finish complete with fixings.
We can also supply them with holes to suit push in breathers and  oil filler caps as required.



Removable Door Tops

These were available 16 years ago but were discontinued due to the guy who did them retiring as its quite a difficult and skilled modification to carry out.
The door tops are easily and quickly removed with two fixings coverting a normal GT40 into a 'T' top for summer driving.


8 Stack EFI system

Due to the constant problem of meeting ever lower emissions tests we are now introducing an 8 Stack electronic fuel injection system to suit the Ford Small Block V8 engine.The system has the look of the older classic Weber system with all of the advantages of a modern electronically controlled fuel injected system.Advantages include easy cold starting, better throttle response, improved fuel economy and lower emissions.The kit includes inlet manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rails, injectors, all sensors, all wiring, ECU, hand held programmer, fuel pump, fuel filter, hoses and fittings.The system is also self learning which means that mapping of the system is not required.


MK1 Rear Body Mesh Grilles

A pair of MK1 rear body section mesh grilles.
Improves engine bay airflow and reduces engine bay temperature.
Surrounds are manufactured in stainless steel.
Supplied with stainless steel fixings.




MK1 Rear Body Section Spoiler


A rear spoiler to suit the MK1 rear body section.
CNC Lazer cut in 5 mm aluminium.
Supplied complete with fitting kit.





Glass Rear Bulkhead Window



A laminated and E marked glass rear bulkhead window to the original GT40 shape.

The original shaped window is very difficult to install using a conventional window rubber with filler strip due to the tight radius on the top corners so this window is supplied complete with a mounting frame into which the glass is bonded and then rivetted to the rear bulkhead as per an original GT40.

The window inter layer is also noise absorbent to reduce internal cockpit engine noise.


Tornado TSC GT40 MKII




We have now introduced a replica of the MK11 GT40 which is the car that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Le Mans in 1966.

MKII specific items that are now available from Tornado include the following.

Rear body section
Periscope vents
Engine cover vent
Rear grille set
Rear tail light set
Rear spoiler
Front single vent hatch
Front hatch splitter
Front hatch hinges
Front body section wing humps

All of the above items can be used to build an authentic looking replica of the famous Le Mans winning cars from 1966.

These parts can also be used to convert an existing MK1 GT40 replica into a MKII.


Ford Coyote to Renault UN1 Bellhousing



A new version of our Bellhousing manufactured to mate the Ford Mustang 2011 Coyote V8 engine to the Renault UN1 transaxle.

Suppiled complete with input shaft, clutch release arm, dirt shield, fixings and instructions.

A suitable clutch kit including drive plate, cover plate and release bearing is also available.


Ford Coyote Exhaust System



This exhaust system is used when installing the 2011 Mustang Coyote V8 engine into your TSC GT40 replica.
The header pipes are 1 3/4" diameter and the collectors have threaded fittings for the Lambda sensors.
The twin Silencers also incorporate Catalytic converters for all emission tests.
The system is supplied complete including header pipes, collectors, silencers, support bracket, fixings and instructions.


Centre Change Gearlinkage



We have now developed a centre change cable operated gearlinkage specifically to suit the UN1 transaxle.
This system is suitable for both left and right hand drive cars and positions the gear lever on top of the central tunnel just ahead of the handbrake lever.
It differs from other UN1 cable systems in that the lever has a natural rocking motion and there is no bellcrank system on the gearbox end which can result in difficult gear changes.
The kit is supplied as a complete package including gear lever assembly, cables, brackets, rod ends, instructions and fixings.
A reverse lockout system is also available as an additional option.


Ford Coyote V8 5.0 ltr engine



We are now in the process of developing an engine installation package for the new Ford Coyote V8 5.0 ltr engine as used in the 2011 Ford Mustang.
Parts under development include a custom alloy bellhousing, engine mountings, a full crossover exhaust system with silencers featuring internal catalytic converters and a dummy Weber engine cover.
These items will make the Coyote a simple drop in installation into the TSC GT40.
Advantages of using the Coyote engine instead of the older small block engine include :-
Light weight design featuring all Aluminium block and heads.
Emissions test compliant for IVA and all European regulations.
Modern quad cam engine design using latest technologies.
Fuel injection system as standard.
412 BHP out of the crate without any modifications.
Optional bolt on supercharger increasing power to 624 BHP.
Fly by wire throttle system.

For detailed information on the design, development and features of the V8 Coyote engine please click on the link below.


Gurney Eagle Valve Covers



Gurney Eagle valve covers to fit standard Ford V8 289, 302 and 351W cylinder heads or equivalent. These covers are the ultimate engine dress up accessory.
Gurney Eagle heads were fitted to probably the most well known GT40 which was the No.6 Gulf car 1075 that won at Le Mans in 1968 and 1969.
Push in oil fillers and breathers can be used or the covers can be drilled and tapped for screw in fittings.


Extra Wide Seat



A new seat designed for extra comfort and increased leg and headroom
Based on an Aluminium TIG welded bucket for reduced weight.
Features include wider bottom and back cushions, addtional lumber support and IVA approved headrest.
Available in Vynil, leather or Alcantara in a choice of colours, with or without brass or chrome rings and with matching or contrasting piping.





A pair of straight through megaphones in mild steel.
These are a direct replacement for our standard silencers and take minutes to install.
To hear a pair on a 347 click the following link.


Hartwell type body catch



These catches are similar to the Hartwell catches used on all original GT40's.


Dash Switch Labels



A set of self adhesive dash switch labels with lettering printed in white on a black backing. These are now required for the new IVA test as all dash switches must be clearly marked.