Reverse Gear Lockout



A new reverse gear lock out mechanism which totally eliminates the chance of selecting reverse gear when changing quickly from 1st to 2nd gears.
Suits Renault 20, 21, 25 and 30 type gearboxs.
Easy to install and does not require the removal of the gearbox or even the gearbox rear casing cover.


Gulf Rear body Vent Set



A new and improved version of our original vents now supplied complete with backing mesh.

Manufactured in mirror polished stainless steel and supplied with all stainless fixings.


Aluminium Uprights Upgrade kit.



A bolt on kit of parts to upgrade earlier cars with forged front uprights and fabricated rear uprights to Aluminium uprights at the front and rear.

These items have been designed specifically for the Carbon Monocoque cars and are an easy bolt on upgrade for all spaceframe cars.

The kit is supplied complete and includes front uprights, stub axles, steering arms, rear uprights, brackets, studs and all required fixings.


Glass Rear Window



A laminated glass rear window to replace the standard plastic rear window.

Ideal when using Weber carbs to avoid spit back damaging the window.

Supplied black edged and E marked


High Temperature Plastic Rear Window


A rear window in a high temperature plastic material suitable for high HP engines which produce higher than normal under window temperatures.

If you do not want to install a glass window due to the weight and temperature is affecting your window this is the way to go.


Anti Roll Bar kit



These Anti Roll Bars are an upgraded version and available in two stiffnesses for road or track use.
They are adjustable for fine tuning and are a direct replacement for all earlier bars making an upgrade easy.


Rear Aluminium Uprights



These uprights are cast in LM25, heat treated and CNC machined.
They are a direct replacement for the original fabricated rear uprights and are supplied with all parts to complete the conversion making an upgrade easy.
The original bearings, stub axles, drive flanges, CV joints and drive shafts are used.
Two brake caliper brackets are available. A steel bracket to suit the original single pot calipers or an aluminium bracket to suit aluminium 4 pot calipers.


Wheel Nuts



These nuts are required when using knock off wheels for the SVA test as wheel spinners are not allowed.
The size is 75 AF and they are machined from Aircraft grade billet alloy.
They are available in 2 3/8" and 2 1/2" whitworth 8 TPI. Other thread sizes can be manufactured on request.


Dash Demister Grille



This is a replica of the dash demister grille fitted to the original GT40.
Original grilles sell on Ebay from time to time for hundreds of pounds.
It is manufactured in steel and finished in satin black as original.


Smiths instruments



These instruments are as used in the original GT40 and are manufactured using the original tooling.
They feature black bezels, white figures and needles and are marked with the Smiths logo.The speedo is 200 mph and available in mph, kmh or both and in electronic or cable drive.The tacho has the maximum rpm red sector marking.Temperature and pressure gauges use capillary tubes but full electric versions will be available by March 2009.

Pricing depends on the number and type of instrument supplied.


Rear Bulkhead Braces



These Braces are a simple, quick bolt in option and are easily installed to completed cars giving additional support to the rear bulkhead in the event of a rolling over.


Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis

We have now started development of an all new carbon fibre monocoque chassis with the help of a qualified design engineer.
This is how all F1 Chassis are now manufactured and some of the more expensive road cars such as the McLaren F1.
The preliminary design work has been completed including the construction of a 1/4 scale model.
If all goes well kit packages based on this chassis will be available for sale before the end of 2008.
We will be using all of the existing TSC GT40 parts with the exception of the front and rear uprights which will be cast in aluminium.
Advantages of a carbon fibre monocoque include very light weight and increased siffness without the disadvantages of corrosion problems which are normally associated with monocoques manufactured in steel or aluminium.
We are hoping to produce a finished car which would weigh only 1700 lbs or 780 kgs.

Details will be added here as the project progresses.

Alternatively please call 01562 820372 for more details


6 pot front brake kit



We have now introduced a new 6 pot bolt on front brake kit suitable for use with 15" wheels.
The discs are 300 mm diameter and 32 mm wide.
Calipers are 6 pot alloy each with four 28mm pistons and two 40mm pistons. Each caliper weighs just 2 kg or 4.4 lbs.
The conversion kit is supplied complete including discs, bells, calipers, pads, brackets and all fixings.


Headlight Unit



We now have a new headlight unit available which features a concave front lense as per the original GT40. A fitting kit is also available including adjusters


Monocoque Chassis



We have now decided to re introduce our steel Monocoque replica chassis which was originally available back in 1992 but production costs made it difficult to produce at a sensible price.
Since going out of production we have received a steady stream of enquires over the past years and have decided that with the use of the latest production technologies such as laser cutting etc. we can now produce this chassis at a reasonable cost.


Focused Beam Light Units



These light units are 90 mm in diameter and give a more modern appearance. The units are very similar to those used on the new Ford GT.
The units are high beam incorporating a side light and a separate low beam unit.
The units are very easy to install and a matching driving/fog light unit is also available.


Alloy Shock Absorber



These units are manufactured in alloy and have an anodized finish in blue.
A steel body is retained for strength but the overall weight is greatly reduced.


Aluminium Radiator



A new purpose designed and manufactured Aluminium high performance Radiator. It is a direct replacement for the original copper core radiator and weighs just 9 lbs compared to 27lbs for the copper unit.


5th Gear Set



A 0.76 5th gear set for Renault gearboxs to replace the standard 0.82.
Results in a higher top speed and better fuel consumption figures when in 5th gear.


Starter Motor



A new compact, lighter starter motor which is 1" smaller in diameter and 7lbs lighter in weight than the standard unit.
Another advantage is the intergrated solenoid unit resulting in much simpler wiring by eliminating the remote solenoid unit.


Clutch Bearing



A new improved and uprated metal clutch release bearing which will now be supplied with Heavy duty clutch kit

It is a direct replacement for the earlier plastic type bearings.


Original Type Side Window Flap Fittings



Original side window flap fittings manufactured in Aluminium and Stainless steel.
These allow the flush fitting of the side window flaps as on all original GT40's and are great for the SVA test.


4 pot performance brake kit



A bolt on 4 pot Wilwood braking kit which can be easily and quickly fitted to the standard caliper mountings and hubs allowing standard brakes to be upgraded in a minimium amount of time.

Kit includes front calipers, rear calipers which incorporate a handbrake mechanism, brake pads, front and rear discs, mounting brackets, spacers and all fixings.


Gurney Weslake Rocker Covers



These covers are cast in aluminium and are a direct replacement for the standard Ford 302 rocker covers.
Supplied machined and ready to fit but require painting.


Ceramic Coating



Items are now available in a ceramic coated finish in a choice of colours.
A Chrome like finish called Cermachrome is also available which looks like a slightly dull chrome finish. An example of this finish is in the above picture.
The advantage on exhaust systems is that it will not blue with use, it reduces heat radiation and there is a slight reduction in noise.
Other items which may be coated include suspension wishbones and links, uprights and anti roll bars and links.


Single Part Gearbox Input Shaft



A kit of parts to replace the standard Renault input shaft with a much stronger, larger dia. single part item which eliminates the input shaft coupler link.
This upgrade is recommended when using engines with over 350 BHP to increase gearbox reliability.Other advantages include a stronger 5th gear, quicker gear changes and closer ratios.

Available with either 1" X 23 Ford spline or 21mm X 24 Renault spline the kit includes the shaft manufactured in S155 , 1st gear set with syncro hubs, 2nd gear set with syncro hubs, 5th gear with nut and front and rear bearings.


Authentic Look Replica Wheels



We have now introduced our most original looking bolt on BRM and Halibrand replica wheels.

Both styles feature hidden perimeter bolts, hidden mounting bolts, centre lock plates and a more original looking dummy wheel spinner.

They are available in a range of diameters, widths, colours and offsets.

These wheels are now the standard items we supply.


Side Repeater



A small side repeater light which is required for the SVA test.


Switch Panels



A pair of removable dashboard switch panels which allow the repositioning of dash switches after the SVA test has been passed.


Rear Fog Light



A new rear for light which suits the curvature of the rear body section underside and is SVA compliant.


Roll Bar



A Roll Over bar consisting of a main hoop with rear triangulation back stays. Manufactured in 1 1/2"” Dia. CDS2 12 gauge tube with load spreader plates at the chassis mounting points. Available fully welded to the chassis frame or in kit form for home fitting.


Ball Vents



A plastic vent which fits into a 3 1/4” diameter hole and scoops air inwards. Ideal for installation into the side window opening flaps for the intake of cooling air.