Tornado Base Ball Caps

New Tornado Base ball caps. Available in Royal Blue with the Logo in White or a White cap with the Logo in Royal Blue. One size fits all and compliment the already available Polo shirts. Caps are £20 ea.

Replica Halibrand Wineglass Wheels

Wine glass Halibrand replica wheels are now available from Tornado Sports Cars. These wheels were molded directly from an original 1960's Halibrand wheel. Wheels are available in 15" diameter and a range of widths and colours. They are available with a polished or matching colour outer rims. The Wine glass wheels are only available in a knock off version. A suitable knock off adaptor kit with a choice of wheel nuts or 2 types of cast Halibrand replica wheel spinners are also available.
Wheel Spinner Tool
We have now introduced a new tool for use with our knock off wheels. This tool is designed for tightening and loosening 3 eared wheel spinners and is suitable for use with both types of GT40 wheel spinners including the long and short eared versions. Its designed to be used in conjunction with either a 3/4" square drive breaker bar or 3/4" square drive torque wrench. The tool totally eliminates the shock load on one ear of the spinner caused when tightening spinners using a mallet or hammer. It drives the spinner at the base of the legs, which is much stronger, as opposed to the end of the spinner which often results in a bent, or even worse, broken spinner legs. The drive pins are rubber covered to eliminate spinner or wheel damage and the centre drive tube fits into the hub to keep the tool centrally and firmly located when in use. Use this tool to eliminate the fear of bent and broken spinner legs once and for all. Available exclusively form Tornado Sports Cars.
Carbon Fibre Reinforced GRP Bodyshell
We have now introduced a new Carbon Fibre reinforced version of our standard GT40 body shell. This offers many of the advantages of a full Carbon body shell without the associated high costs. The body shell is of a sandwich construction using regular GRP and Carbon which results in an increase in strength and a reduction in weight. This upgraded body shell is ideal for use with our Aluminium honey comb or Carbon honey comb Monocoque chassis which results in the lightest and stiffest GT40 replica car available.
Chrome Powder coated Filler Caps
Now available is a new version of our standard GT40 Replica Fuel Cap. These caps are available with a powder coated cap lid and do not require polishing. The attached pictures are of the Chrome version but they are also available in various colours. All of our GT40 replica fuel filler caps are manufactured entirely in house by Tornado Sports Cars.
MK2 GT40 Front Jacking Point Kit
We have now introduced a front jacking point kit to compliment the Tornado TSC GT40 MK2 replica cars. The kit is supplied complete with all fixings and fittings required for installation. These jacking points are not designed to be used but as a visual addition only.
Weber 8 Stack Turkey Pan
We have now introduced a new cold air Turkey pan to compliment our 48 IDF carburetor and inlet manifold kits. The Turkey pan forms a heat shield to prevent the heat of the engine causing fuel evaporation in the fuel lines and float bowls leading to erratic running. The sides and ends of the pan are removable to allow easy access to the carbs for jetting and tuning. They are manufactured in Aluminium and cut by CNC ensuring a perfect fit. An IDA version will also be available in the coming soon. Custom made one off Turkey pans to suit other carbs and manifolds are also available.
Tornado Polo shirts
Official Tornado Polo shirts are now available as worn at the National Kitcar show at Stoneleigh by the company representatives on the exhibition stand. Available sizes are S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. The shirts are Royal Blue in a 50/50 polyester and Cotton fabric. The shirts feature the Tornado Sports Car company logo embroidered on the left front chest and the logo with wording and GT40 embroidered on the rear.
Aluminium shock absorbers
We have now introduced all new CNC machined billet shock absorber units. These are CNC machined from Aluminium billet to our specifications and are the new standard units for the Tornado TSC GT40 replica. They are supplied in car sets of 4 including coil over springs, spacers and all fixings.
8 Stack Weber IDF carb set up
We now have available 8 stack IDF carb systems complete including inlet manifolds, carbs, linkages, fuel line kits and cold air turkey trays. As these kits have been so difficult to obtain already modified to suit the GT40 application, we have decided to start producing a custom made package. Carbs are available in a choice of both 44 and 48 IDF sizes. Manifolds are available with and without a vacuum take off port for brake servos. Fuel line kits are available in both push on rubber fuel hose as original or in aeroquip type fittings with braided stainless fuel hoses.
Improved speedo trigger wheel
Now available is a new electronic speedo sensor trigger wheel. The wheel has 40 teeth which gives an improved smoother signal over the 6 CV joint cap screw heads usually used to generate a signal. The trigger wheel bolts directly to the CV joint and is supplied in two halves to save having to remove the driveshaft and CV joint for installation. The calibration code in the speedo unit will need to be changed to get the correct readings with the new wheel. To do this simply multiply the existing figure by 6.666. The signal is also much cleaner as the sensor is reading on a flat surface as opposed to the curved cap screw resulting in a smoother more accurate reading on the speedo needle.
Rear upgraded hand brake kit

A new more effective high static hold rear handbrake caliper conversion kit is now available. The calipers feature a die cast body with a forged cable attachment arm and weigh just 1.5 kgs each. The kit includes a pair of rear calipers, 2 sets of high friction composite metallic pads, adapter mounting brackets, all required bolts and fixings and handbrake cable end fittings. The kit is easy to install and bolts on in minutes. An installation video can be seen here at the following link

Curved plastic rear window
GT40 replica rear window options have always been either a flat plastic window secured with screws which was prone to sag due to the heat of the engine or a shaped and curved glass window which was bonded in place. We have now produced tooling to be able to manufacture a shaped and curved plastic rear window. As a high temperature is used to form the curvature of the window this will totally eliminate any sag due to the heat of the engine which is much lower than the forming temperature used during manufacture. Screws that match those in the side windows and light covers can be used for fixings to give an original look which is not possible when using the glass window. Yet another first from Tornado Sports Cars!
Bill board tyre lettering kits
New improved Billboard lettering kits are now available again. You can letter your modern road tyres to look like historic race tyres. Kits include lettering , adhesive, tyre cleaner and instructions. Any known style of lettering is available including pin stripes for tyres such as Goodyear Blue streaks etc. Prices vary depending on the number of letters etc. These letters are not just masked and painted but are proper actual white rubber letters which are 2mm thick bonded in position using the special glue supplied in the kit.
14" Diameter replica steering wheel
We have now introduced a new 14" diameter version of our popular GT40 replica steering wheel. Already available in 15" as original and a smaller 13" diameter, some customers feel the 15" version is too large and the 13" version is too small, so the 14" version offers the best of both Worlds. None of our replica steering wheels feature a laser etched logo in one of the wheel spokes which is not an original feature of a GT40 steering wheel. All wheels are supplied in Black leather with satin Black slotted wheel spokes as original. All wheels are supplied with an aluminium center wheel boss, badge and fixings pack. A removable aluminium quick release steering boss adapter plate is also available.