New Tachometer



We have now introduced a new Tachometer to our standard instrument set. Its 0 to 8000 rpm and now features a 6500 rpm to 7000 rpm red sector as on original GT40 Tachometers. The bezel is IVA compliant as standard.





Racing Wing Mirrors



We now have available classic chrome racing mirrors the same as those fitted to many original GT40s back in the 60's.
The mirrors are mounted direct to the front wings.
Sold in pairs complete with all fixings.




Door top capping strips



We have now introduced a more accurate version of the door top capping strips which were fitted to original GT40's in order to prevent door top lift at high speed due to negative pressure.
This new version is made to the original Ford Advanced Vehicle factory drawings from 1964 to ensure a better fit without scratching the paint on the door tops.
They are manufactured in GRP and attached to the door rebate using self tappers behind the door seals.



Motorsports Decals



We are now able to supply a range of self adhesive backed Motor Sport Decals. Any Decal in any size. Packages for original cars available. For example Gulf 1075 in 1968 and 1969 colour schemes. Also Roundels and race numbers etc. The finishing touch for an authentic replica. Picture shows decals for 1075 in 69 and an Essex Wire car.



Race number lights



We have now introduced a set of 3 roundel race number lights as fitted to GT40 race cars for night time race number illumination. These lights are as original and supplied with bulbs and fixings.


Gulf rear identification light



Original rear ID marker lights as fitted to Gulf GT40 1075. Available in a very limited supply, due to rarity, on a first come first served basis. We are also in the process of producing a modern replica version of these lights. Available in Red, Green and Amber. Supplied complete with all fittings and fixings.



Gulf front wheel spinner



A new version of the Knock on wheel spinner is now available. It features the shorter more star shaped ears and a reduced ear angle to reduce ear stick out on the front wheels. These were used on the front of Gulf cars with a regular spinner used on the rear but I have seen some cars that use this spinner front and rear. The red spinner is the casting pattern and the second picture shows it side by side with the regular spinner casting pattern. We also have wheel nuts available which are 75 mm AF.



BF Goodrich Tyres



BF Goodrich tyres are now available again in 15” diameter in the UK through Tornado. We have  the  full range available for GT40 and Cobra replica cars. These tyres offer a more economical alternative to the Avon CR6ZZ tyres.




Gulf front indicators



Flush mount front indicators are now available in glass as fitted to the original Gulf GT40 racing cars like 1075.
They require a 52 mm diameter hole to be cut in the body work and they are supplied complete with a fitting kit and all fixings. They use a 12v bulb as original and not LEDs like modern alternatives.



Replica Walnut Gear knob



We have now introduced a new wooden GT40 gear knob which is made to the original Ford Advanced Vehicle drawings dated 09/11/64.
This was used on all original GT40 cars.
It is manufactured in Walnut as original and finished with a hard lacquered coating.



Winged Dzus fasteners



We have now introduced a new winged version of the Dzus fastener as used on Gulf GT40 1075 and MK 2 GT40’s for easy and quick opening of the front hatch panel and front body section. Supplied in a set of 6 complete with springs and fixings.



Gulf replica steering wheel



A Gulf replica chassis 1075 steering wheel is now available.
It is available in both 15” as original and 13” for more thigh/leg space.
The spokes have no holes or slots and the boss is finished in a satin black with plated fixings as original. The wheel rim is covered in Black Leather. The spokes do not have a makers name engraved into them as some replica steering wheels do which is not original. A Ford GT emblem can be fitted into the boss if required but this was not present on 1075.



Gulf car front lower Headlight units



We are now able to supply the lower headlight units as used on the Gulf racing cars like 1075. They feature both main and dip beams and a suitable mounting kit will be available in the near future. They are supplied in pairs complete with bulbs and fixings.



Original Front Indicators



We have now introduced original GT40 front indicators. These feature a flat glass front lens instead of the peaked plastic front lens which is usually fitted to all replicas. They are supplied in pairs complete with bulbs and fixings.




MK2 Front Wing Humps



These GRP mouldings are bonded onto the tops of the wings on the MK1 front body section to convert it into a MK2 body section.
When the original MK2 GT40 was run on the banked track at Daytona the G force generated on the corners caused the front tyres to rub through the tops of the front wings on the front body section.
To begin with holes were cut in the tops of the wings to prevent the tyres  rubbing and then humps were added later for improved airflow.
The cost of a pair is £395 + VAT.




Hartwell Replica Latches



These are replicas of the Hartwell latches used on the original GT40 cars to secure the front and rear body sections.
We did track down the original latches from the original manufacturer but the cost was £2700 per latch as they were used as an engine cowl latch on an Aircraft and carried the required certification to be used as such.
The replica  Hartwell Latches are manufactured by Tornado Sports Cars and are supplied complete with all fixings and mounting plates.
The cost for a car set of 4 is £550 + VAT.



MK2 GT40 roof vent


A roof vent featuring 8 louver vents in Aluminium as per the original MK2 GT40.

Cost is £60 + VAT



Colour coated outer wheel rims



All wheels are now available with the outer wheel rims coated to match the wheel centre.
This gives a more authentic one part wheel look.

Further details on request.



Spaceframe Chassis CNC Panel Set



We are now introducing a new fully CNC cut and pre folded panel set for the Spaceframe type chassis frame.All panels are supplied fully CNC cut to shape including all access holes and folded as required.All rivet holes are also pre drilled in the correct position to eliminate the time consuming task of measuring and marking each individual rivet position and spacing.All removable access cover panels are also supplied pre cut to shape with fixing holes.Panel sets are available in mild steel, aluminium and polished stainless steel.
The total number of parts in a full panel set is 44 items.