If you would like to see a picture of your completed TSC GT40 featured on this page please email some high quality digital images to info@tornadosportscars.com

Please try to keep image size below 500k on pictures sent via email, alternatively send prints or disc's by post.




Andrew Taylor, Eversham, UK



Total Headturners



David Cockman UK



David Broome from Bognor Regis



Jean-Michel Mahy From Belgium



Barry Goodyear From UK



Owner unknown



Owner unknown



Valentino Fry from Switzerland



Darren Cardew from UK



Ian Bissett from Scotland


Ronan Seal Derbyshire UK


Ian Wilding UK



Tim Booth from Nottingham UK




Michael Reimer from Sweden





Microsoft X Box Forza Motorsport 4 GT40 supplied by Tornado Sports Cars.





Total Headturners UK



Terry Fear Alcester UK


Julian Hayward from Hullavington UK


Oriol Ribalta from Spain. Worlds first Coyote powered GT40 replica



Bill Cooke from Vermont, USA.




Carl Jackson Southport UK


Lotus Racing UK


Toy Box UK


Martin Wildash From Kent


Keith Chandler from USA


Paul Smith from Bristol. Engine is Big Block Buick 7.6 Ltr.


Tornado Sports Cars, Kidderminster, England


Doug Skoog , Tacoma Washington USA


Ian Sheppard from Austraila


Steve Beck from California USA


Mario Sueiras, Guatemala


Howard Boeske, Boston USA


Jos Swingler from Bewdley


Erik Werthiem from Czech Republic.


Paul Callear, Doncaster


Dave Hensley


Pete Thompson


Nick Smith from London


Rob Garford, Peterborough


Scott Calabro, US sales rep, MA, USA.


Graham Morris, Wolverhampton.


Stefan Manner, Germany.


Jason Lycett from Redditch


Tomohiro Aono from Japan


Gary Fowlie from Scotland


Paul Kingham from London


Bill Crowfoot, Essex.


John Snook from Sutton Coldfield


Chris Hale, England.


Dr. Ernst Richter from Germany.


Paul Walton


Desmond Finnan from Surrey



Dieter Messmer, Switzerland.


Paul Reynolds from South Africa.


Ian O'Reilly, London, England


Tim Kretzschmar, California, USA.


Steve Beck, California, USA.



Robert Logan, Australia



Pete Bryant, Coventry



G. Trussler, Wales



Brian Snelling, London



Neil Purvis



Geoff Gear, Kent



Wilf Atkins



Steve Davis, Glos



John Christian



Tornado Sports Cars, Kidderminster, England