This list contains all of the items that are specific to the MKII GT40 and required to build an authentic MKII replica.

These parts can also be used to convert an exisiting TSC GT40 MKI car into a MKII.

All items are supplied complete with fixings packs where required.




Rear body section complete with pre bonded light boxes, inner wheel arches and bulkheads
Rear body mounting bar
Front single vent hatch with splitter plate
Front hatch hinges (pr)
Front wing hump mouldings used to convert a MKI front body section into a MKII (pr)
Rear adjustable spoiler
Rear engine vent scoop
Rear periscope vents (pr)
Complete rear tail light set including indicators, stop and tail lights, trim rings and rear reflectors
Rear mesh grille set with surrounds (pr)
Roof vent louvre panel £75