This package is by far the most complete GT40 replica component package in the World that has ever been available from any manufacturer and contains every single item required to build a complete Tornado TSC GT40 replica with MKI or MKII body styles and spaceframe or monocoque chassis types.

The standard package contents include a 350 BHP Ford Small block alloy headed V8 engine, 5 speed gearbox, 4 pot brakes, cross over exhaust system and wheels with tyres.

The package is so complete that it even includes the brake fluid.

The only additional items required to complete the build is paint, glue and approx 350 hours of your time.

Each package is provided with a 100% guarantee that if any item is found missing that is required to complete the build, even the smallest washer, we will supply it completely free of charge.

When ordering please state MKI or MKII body type, single or twin vent front hatch, wheel type and colour, chassis colour and seat/interior trim colour plus any of the optional extras required from the list below.

This package represents the ultimate self build GT40 replica in a box.




Aluminium Monocoque Chassis £
Carbon Fibre Monocoque Chassis £
Lowered Floorpans       £
Left hand Drive £
Aluminium Rear Uprights £
Fully Rose Jointed Suspension £
Aluminium Shock Absorbers £
Chrome Coated Suspension £
Bias Adjustable Braking System £
Race Seats £
15” Diameter Wheels  £
Gulf Rear Wheel Arch Kit £
12” Wide Rear Wheels   £POA
Knock On Wheels £
MK2 GT40 Body   £
Door Top Roof Bubble £
Removable Door Tops   £
Coyote V8 Engine Option £
347 Engine Option 440 BHP £
Weber 8 Stack Carburettors £
8 Stack EFI System   £
Polished Out Exhaust Welds £
Ceramic Coated Exhaust System  £
Megaphone Pipes Pr   £
Megaphone Baffles Pr £
Gurney Eagle or Gurney Weslake Valve Covers £
Remote Oil Cooler  £
LSD Gearbox £
Single Part Shaft Gearbox     £
0.7 5th Gear Ratio      £
Reverse Lock out System  £
Walnut Gear knob as Original    £
Airconditioning System  £
Leather Seats Pr £
Alcantara Seats Pr      £
Seat Runners   £
Leather Trim £
Glass Rear Outer Window £
Rear Spoiler  £
Twin Fuel Pumps and Filters   £
Hartwell Replica Body Latches £
Aluminium Window Flap Fittings £

All of the above prices are plus VAT at the current rate.