The TORNADO TSC GT40 monocoque chassis is the most technically advanced GT40 replica chassis available in the World today and is the result of over 20 years of GT40 replica manufacture and development.

Designed by an ex F1 design engineer it utilizes F1 construction methods throughout.

Our design concept was to retain the classic 1960's styling of the original Ford GT40 and combine it with a state of the art chassis as used in all current modern day supercars.

Each chassis is manufactured entirely in house and to be able to achieve this we have invested in specialist machinery and many new facilities.

This has enabled us to keep the costs realistic. Modern supercars which use this type of chassis construction usually cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.



The TORNADO TSC GT40 Monocoque chassis offers the ultimate in light weight combined with the highest levels of stiffness resulting in the best possible power to weight, braking efficiency and handling characteristics available.

The original concept was to manufacture this chassis in Carbon fibre only but due to the high cost of these materials we have also decided to manufacture an Aluminium version as a cost effective alternative.

The chassis consists of a central monocoque tub manufactured in a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre to which front and rear subframes along with a roll over bar are attached by bolts.

Each chassis has all brackets and mountings required to assemble the vehicle accuratley located in the correct position. There is absolutely no welding, fabrication or design work required by the builder.

Both right and left hand drive chassis are available and every single part with all fixing packs required to complete the project are available direct from Tornado Sports Cars.



Many new light weight components have also been developed specifically for this chassis including front and rear Aluminium uprights, full alloy shock absorber units and a light weight steering column.

Most parts are directly interchangeable with those from our spaceframe based cars which allows them to be upgraded to the new monocoque type chassis at a later date.

The TORNADO TSC GT40 Monocoque chassis is without doubt the Worlds most technically advanced GT40 replica chassis and is produced by the Worlds leading manufacturer of Ford GT40 replicas.

What more can you ask for??