The TSC GT40 body shell is available in both MK1 and MKII versions and both are exact reproductions of the original GT40 which dominated Le Mans during the late 1960's. They are so authentic that panels have been used during the restoration of original cars. Each body is hand laid using the contact moulding method by experienced Laminators ensuring only the highest quality panels are produced.



Because of the number of GT40 Bodyshells we have now produced we have turned the moulding process into an art form resulting in a combination of the lightest GT40 bodies available whilst retaining a high degree of strength and rigidity.

The total weight of our complete bodyshell as supplied to the customer before trimming any holes for lights etc. is just 150 lbs or 69 kgs.

The doors and roof centre section are supplied as double skinned items and incorporate steel frames to ensure a perfect panel fit.

Special features include moulded recesses for body catches and fuel filler caps and ready bonded inner wheel arches and light boxes.

All holes which require trimming are pre marked during the moulding process and all edges are fully returned.



All panels are supplied in a Quill Grey gel coat finish and are ready for paint preparation.

For taller drivers a door top blister moulding is available as used on many original GT40's.

Other body options include Gulf style rear wheel arches, a single vent front hatch panel, removable door tops and rear periscope vents.

A light weight carbon fibre reinforced version of the standard body shell is also available for competition use which reduces the weight by approximately 30%.



All exterior parts required to complete a visually accurate GT40 replica are available direct from Tornado Sports Cars.

Many exterior items have been painstakingly reproduced and are now supplied manufactured in weather resistant stainless steel.