The TSC GT40 Build manual is one of the most comprehensive and informative Manuals available in the component car industry and consists of 14 separate chapters which together cover the entire build sequence from start to finish.

Chapters include Chassis frame, Suspension, Hydraulic system, Steering, Cooling system, Drivetrain, Bodywork, Electrical system, Fuel system, Interior trim, Road test, and Torque wrench settings etc.

It assumes that the builder has no previous mechanical knowledge and is written in an easy to follow simple step by step format and includes many diagrams.

Each Manual is supplied with a CD disc which contains 350 step by step colour pictures of the assembly sequence.

It is written in the recommended sequence of assembly in order to reduce build time to a minimum and ensure ease of construction. There is nothing worse than fitting a component only to discover it must be removed to allow the installation of another component at a later stage and then refitted.

A complete component index is included which lists every single part on the TSC GT40 in the order of assembly and the Manual page number on which its installation is described.

At the rear of the Manual there is a complete A to Z component index.

Upon receipt of your deposit for a TSC GT40 component package a copy of the build Manual will be dispatched along with confirmation of your order by return post. This gives the builder time to familiarise themselves with the full construction sequence and to decide if they would like to incorporate any optional extras or performance parts into the build before delivery of the TSC GT40 component package and work begins.

In the unlikely event of a problem arising during the construction of your TSC GT40 free technical advice and help is available on 01562 820372.